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About ECR Research

For over 35 years ECR Research has focused on mid term interest rate and currency developments in the G-10 economies, providing a clear insight into how the global economies and markets interrelate and affect each other. More than 3,500 professionals of reputable companies and financial institutions throughout the world read the ECR reports and appreciate the unbiased and thought-provoking comments. In addition, we offer a wide range of tools to help you with your asset allocation decisions.

ECR Research is designed to support time-pressed financial decision makers by putting the global economy and financial markets into perspective. We believe that political developments increasingly impact the financial markets and economic environment and vice versa. As little attention is given to political issues in the economic research of other sources, we have a political department to provide you with regular updates on the possible implications of global political developments.


ECR Research is strictly independent, we are not involved in investment or trading activities and do not earn commissions in any way. Neither are we associated with any bank or broker.


Interest rates, Currencies, Macroeconomic Outlook, Independent Financial Research, Political analysis, Asset  Allocation.

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