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Posted October 18, 2013 by in Educators tools

Hapara is an innovative education technology company that helps educators effectively use cloud-based, open tools to positively impact student learning.


Hapara optimizes Google Apps for schools by structuring Google Apps around classes and students. With Hapara’s tools, Google Apps becomes both easier to use and more effective. Teachers get the visibility they need to improve student outcomes in the moment, students get the full benefits of a safe, collaborative, digital learning environment, and schools save money. With customers in over 30 countries, Hapara is the management platform of choice for Google Apps for Education.

Hapara’s flagship product, Teacher Dashboard, was in fact inspired by a group of visionary teachers in New Zealand at Pt England School. They had had enormous success improving student outcomes in writing and literacy using Blogger – they were able to motivate and engage students in their writing by giving them authentic, global public audiences around the world. But how could they safeguard students in this environment? How could they manage the constant flow of content being produced, shared and commented on by students? How could they make Google Apps even better? They came to Hapara, experienced Google Apps consultants, to find a solution. Together with the Hapara team they built an answer to those questions and applied it across the whole Google Apps suite. The result was Teacher Dashboard.

Hapara applied, was accepted and then graduated from Imagine K12, the education incubator, in November, 2011… and the rest is history. An education technology company was born.


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