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Posted October 18, 2013 by in Music

YouLicense is an online music licensing marketplace. We have developed a platform which enables artists and those seeking musical content to conduct business directly with one another in a safe and secure environment. Our unique search engine and standardized contracts allow for a quick and easy process.

Whether you’re looking to license music for Film & Television, Advertising Campaigns, Music on Hold, Mobile Phone Content, Web Content, Audio Projects, or you are a small business in need of musical content, YouLicense is your marketplace.

The world of music licensing is known to be complex, exclusive and expensive. It is often the case that those seeking to license music have great difficulty obtaining what they need and that only a small percentage of artists and composers have the means to offer their music for licensing.

Our aim is to break down these limitations and simplify the process.

YouLicense is non-exclusive and welcomes anyone with musical content to upload music and offer licenses for sale. This allows for a large range of musical content; from ringtones to sheet music to songs and beats; and is combined with a unique search engine to increase the chances of finding the much needed musical content.

YouLicense makes music license and copyright trade a simpler and more direct process, offering a service which is inexpensive and secure.

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