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Posted November 20, 2014 by in Security


Website Uptime Monitoring & Verification

If your website went down, how long would it be before you realised there was a problem?

Hours, days…longer?

Sitestillup provides round the clock site monitoring and notifies you the instant there’s a problem, giving you peace of mind that your website is functioning and virus free 24/7


Instant Alerts

With Sitestillup, if your website crashes or is infected by a virus, you will receive an instant alert via email/SMS, allowing you to act quickly and minimise disruption to your business. Sitestillup sends alert messages to multiple contacts, so your colleagues/webmaster can also receive automatic notification.


Build Trust with Website Visitors

Sitestillup builds trust with your website visitors by providing verification of your business contact details by a trusted third party.

Sitestillup provides you with a clickable SiteWarranty Trust Seal that can be displayed anywhere on your website – visible proof to website visitors that your business & website are trustworthy and verified as such. All of our customers under-go extensive verification checks.


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